The vision of PSIG

Public Safety Lives Matter

Customer satisfaction is our primary goal while we also strive to be responsible stewards of our profession. We do this by our commitment in our own education and teamwork. We have to continue to learn the craftsmanship of our trade as it evolves so it becomes a reflex of our commitment to this profession. We also, have to preserve our past which is founded in rich traditions while at the same time we have to educate the future because they will be our profession's past one day. We do this job for the love of our profession, the pride in our students and the reward of knowing we gave all we had so that hopefully our students will have the knowledge, skills and judgment to safely return home. We know we have failed in our commitment if we do not seize the opportunity to share our lessons learned and gained so that we may grow as a profession and to develop a brother/sisterhood that is only second only to God and family. We know experience equals credibility and this will result in sound judgment that is derived and founded in our education and rich traditions.

We are a family

Our staff knows that the selfish gain of an individual will do nothing but tear down the walls of opportunity and growth for our profession. What separates us from the animals of the Kalahari has been the brother/sisterhood. An old public safety professional may teach a young professional how to become an old professional but at PSIG our responsibility goes much further than this.  We owe it to our brothers and sisters of the past and to those who have fallen to truly believe in this brother/sisterhood.  This kinship we share is unparalleled and is founded and rooted in deep traditions of many generations of public safety professionals.   

Only the best

Through the diversity of our highly qualified and experienced instructors/staff we can achieve a knowledge base that surpasses others in the fields of technical rescue, scuba and public safety diving, surface water rescue, hazardous materials, and firefighter training .