Darrell Adams


 Darrell Adams, a native of North Carolina, began his emergency service career in 1991 when he joined Angier Black River Fire Department.  In 1993 he helped develop and organize what has become the Harnett County Underwater Search & Recovery Dive Team which he is currently the Captain.  He also holds the rank of Captain for the Angier Black River Volunteer Fire Department.  In 1998, Mr. Adams was hired by the City of Raleigh as a firefighter.  While working for the Raleigh Fire Department, he has been temporarily assigned several times to the training division to help develop recruits for active service for the City of Raleigh Fire Department.  Mr. Adams' current position is Lieutenant on Rescue 1 which operates as a technical rescue/fire company.  He is also a member of North Carolina Task Force 8 Urban Search and Rescue Team (NCTF8) and North Carolina Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (HART).  Mr. Adams also has obtained an associate degree in Fire Protection Technology from Wilson Technical Community College in Wilson, NC and is currently working on his Baccalaureate.   



He also works with the North Carolina Community College system as an adjunct instructor in training public safety professionals in multiple discipline areas and also serves as a staff cadre instructor for the colleges’ recruit fire academy training programs. The various North Carolina Office of State Fire Marshal Instructor qualifications that are held by Mr. Adams include but are not limited to: Firefighter Instructor, Live Burn Instructor, LP Gas Instructor, Hazardous Materials Instructor, and Technical Rescue Instructor with subset specialties in Vehicle Extrication, Rope Rescue and Water Rescue. 

Mr. Adams has obtained various diving certifications including: SDI Instructor Trainer, TDI Instructor Trainer, ERDI Instructor Trainer, SSI Pro 1000 Instructor and NASE Instructor.  Mr. Adams Has over 10,000 hrs. of training as a public servant and has logged over 5000 dives to which close to quarter have been in the public safety environment or black-water situations.  He has logged 40 dives to depths deeper than 200 feet and has diverse diving experience in many different diving environments and locations throughout the world. In addition he has also staffed several Instructor Trainer Workshops (ITW) for International Training (SDI/TDI/ERDI) in Stuart, FL


 Mr. Adams is the founder and partner of  Public Safety Instructor Group (PSIG) which is a collective of public safety instructors teaching together with the simple mission to help facilitate quality training programs to the public safety professional which are committed and dedicated to providing students with the highest level of professionalism with an emphasis on high quality training programs and safety. He has worked with several dive shops in the Carolinas from 1994 till present time. Currently Mr. Adams is an Instructor Trainer with Air Hogs Scuba in Clayton, NC.  He also has served as board member at large for the North Carolina Public Safety Diving Association and associate adjunct instructor for Tactical Tracker Training School (TTTS).