PSIG Mission Statement

Public Safety Instructor Group is a collective of public safety instructors teaching together with the simple mission to help facilitate quality training programs to the public safety professional. At PSIG our Management Team, Instructors, Assistant Instructors, Divemasters and Support Staff are committed and dedicated to providing our students with the highest level of professionalism with an emphasis on high quality training programs and safety.

We embrace the opportunity to become not just a good instructor but great instructors.

 We take each day to learn our job, whether it is to train, read a book or learn from another brother or sister. We know what we will retain over our career will be a vase database skills, knowledge and judgment that cannot be learn from any one class, multi-media outlet, book or from any one individual thus, this is PSIG commitment to pass this information on to our students. We enjoy and share a passion for our profession and in that we are not too worried about where we are going and what it takes to get there that we fail to seize the opportunities that we  have to enhance our own skills, our personal growth and our knowledge so we may develop  a sound judgment that can be conveyed to our students  This is our debt that we owe to the past and is our commitment and promise that we make to our students and to the future of our profession.   

Technical Rope Rescue - Scuba Diving - Surface Water Rescue - HazMat - Fire