Public Safety Diving Courses



Instructors with PSIG have been delivering ERDI programs from its beginning in 2000.  We cherish this long standing relationship we have with International Training ERDI's parent company.

Who is ERDI?


Emergency Response Diving International (ERDI) is a Public Safety Diving (PSD) agency that trains police, fire, and other public safety organizations in search and rescue techniques that apply to almost any submerged environment.

ERDI trains departments on how to make and maintain PSD teams and is the only public safety dive training agency that has its own insurance and endorses its own standards. In fact, some of the largest, most successful, and renown public safety departments use ERDI Programs to conduct training.

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ERDI Programs Offered by PSIG


• Emergency Response Diver Level I & II

• ERD Body & Weapon Recovery

• ERD Cold Water Diving OPS

• ERD Confine Space 

• ERD Contaminated Water Diver

• ERD Drysuit Diver

• ERD Full Face Mask Diver

• ERD Helicopter LZ Technician

• ERD HUET Diver / Safety Diver / Emergency Breathing Systems

• ERD Knots & Rope Ops

• ERD Light /Heavy Search & Recovery Ops

• ERD Night Diving Operations

• ERD Rescue Swimmer I & II

• ERD Small Boat Ops

• ERD Swiftwater 1 & 2

• ERD Submerged Vehicle Search

• ERD Tender

• ERD Underwater Communication Tech

• ERD U/W Crime Scene Mapping


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Recreational Scuba Diving Courses

Who is SDI?


Scuba Diving International (SDI) was created in 1998 and grew out of the success of the sister company TDI, which specializes in the more advanced disciplines of dive training.  SDI programs provide a the perfect educational foundation for students who are taking ERDI & TDI programs.  Since the diving industry is constantly changing SDI is always looking forward and striving to be the innovators in scuba diving education.  SDI focus is to make the experience of diving one that is enjoyed by everyone.

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SDI Programs Offered by PSIG


• Basic Open Water Diver

• Advance Diver Program

• Rescue Diver

• Air Fill Station Operator

• Adv Buoyancy Diver

• Altitude Diver

• Boat Diver

• Computer Diver / Computer Nitrox Diver 

• CPR / 1st Aid / AED

• Deep Diver

• Dive Propulsion Vehicle Diver

• Drift Diver

• Drysuit

• Equipment Specialist

• Full Face Mask Diver

• Master Diver

• Marine EcoSystems Awarness

• U/W Metal Detector Specialist

• Night/Limited Visibility Diver

• Search & Recovery Diver

• Shore & Beach Diver

• Solo Diver

• U/W Navigation

• U/W Photo & Video

• U/W Hunter & Collecting

• Visual Cylinder Inspector

• Wreck/Wreck Limited Penetration Diver

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Technical Diving Scuba Courses

Who is TDI?


Technical Diving International (TDI) is the largest technical certification agency in the world.  As one of the first agencies to provide training in mixed gas diving and rebreathers, TDI is seen as an innovator of new diving techniques and programs which previously were not available to the general public.

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TDI Programs Offered by PSIG


• Intro to Tech Diving

• Basic Nitrox Diver

• Adv. Nitrox Diver

• Decompression Procedure Diver

• Extended Range Diver

• Helitrox Diver

• Trimix Diver

• Adv. Trimix Diver

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Professional Level Scuba Diving Programs

Recreational Diving


  • SDI Divemaster
  • SDI Open Water Scuba Instructor
  • SDI Course Director

Technical Diving


  • TDI Tech Divemaster
  • TDI Instructor

Public Safety Diving


  • ERD Supervisor
  • ERDI Instructor